Regal Ticket Prices

If you love movies and going to the movie theater, then you’ve definitely heard of Regal Cinemas. Regal is one of the most popular movie theater chains in the United States, and for very good reason.

Regal Ticket Prices

For one thing, they’re notorious for having some of the most fairly priced movie tickets in the country, offering good value to the countless customers that come through their doors.

On top of that, the Regal movie theaters have a distinct quality to them, with good seating, clean locations, and friendly staff.

Better yet, Regal have been pioneers of some of the newest and most revolutionary evolutions of movies, being early adopters for new technologies like Screen X and 4DX, as well as their own branded RPX (the Regal Premium Experience).

This all comes together to create a terrific all-around moviegoing experience for any customers. In our handy guide below, we’re going to be giving you a general look at Regal ticket prices.

Please keep in mind that each Regal cinema might have their own specific price points, so this list is just a general guide for how Regal tickets tend to be priced.

On top of that, we’ll also look at a whole bunch of other fascinating information about Regal cinemas: the discounts that they offer to certain groups of people (like students and seniors), their Unlimited movie pass, a brief history of the movie theater chain, and some of the best Regal locations to visit.

If you want to know any prices – as well as movie times and dates – that are specific to your local Regal movie theater, be sure to check their website or give them a call.

Read on!

Regal Ticket Prices

Standard Movies

Below are the general ticket prices that you can often expect to find for each age group and group of people.

Noon Showtimes

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 3 and 11)Around $11.65
AdultsAround $12.71
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $12.18

Afternoon And Evening Showtimes

For movie showings that take place in the afternoon and evening, the ticket prices can be slightly different in the case of Adult tickets. In these cases, the ticket prices are typically a little higher than they are for showings that take place around noon.

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 3 and 11)Around $11.65
AdultsAround $14.93
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $12.18

IMAX 3D Movies

If you go to see a movie in IMAX 3D, where the screen is much bigger and the movie is projected in 3D rather than 2D, then you can expect to pay more for your tickets – across all age groups. This is because you’re getting a bigger and better experience.

Thankfully, the general ticket prices for IMAX 3D movies remain the same regardless of what time the movie showing takes place at – whether it’s noon, afternoon, or evening, it doesn’t matter.

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 3 and 11)Around $19.16
AdultsAround $22.45
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $19.69

RealD 3D Movies

When you see a movie in RealD 3D, which is when you’re getting the movie projected in 3D rather than 2D (but without an IMAX screen thrown into the mix), then the prices are also higher than standard 2D movie tickets.

However, they’re not at all as high as the IMAX 3D tickets, for understandable reasons.

Ticket prices for RealD 3D movies also vary depending on what time the movie showing is, but only if you’re buying an Adult ticket.

In those cases, the Adult ticket for a RealD 3D movie will cost more if you’re seeing an afternoon or evening showing than when you’re seeing a noon showing.

Noon Showtimes

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 3 and 11)Around $15.67
AdultsAround $16.73
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $16.20

Afternoon And Evening Showtimes

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 3 and 11)Around $15.67
AdultsAround $18.96
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $16.20

RPX (Regal Premium Experience)

When it comes to getting tickets for RPX, the Regal Premium Experience, the prices are also a little different in general when it comes to each age group.

The RPX scheme is Regal’s own special way of making the moviegoing experience an extra bit more magical, and you won’t find it at any other theater chain.

It does this by improving every part of the moviegoing experience. RPX screenings take place in a custom built, premium environment that has extremely luxurious seating, and an enormous and immersive screen.

On top of that, top quality digital projectors project the movie onto those screens, while an incredible state of the art sound system gives you the very best, crispest audio.

It’s a pretty special experience, which is why the general ticket prices cost more than a standard movie experience.

On top of that, the ticket price also differs for Adults again depending on what time the showing is.

If an Adult goes to a noon showing of an RPX movie, then they’re going to pay less than if they were to go to an afternoon or evening RPX showing.

Noon Showtimes

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 3 and 11)Around $16.62
AdultsAround $17.68
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $17.15

Afternoon And Evening Showtimes

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 3 and 11)Around $16.62
AdultsAround $19.91
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $17.15


There are also some discounts that you can get on Regal movie ticket prices, depending on whether you fit into uncertain groups and have the valid ID to prove that you do.

For starters, students can get a Student Discount on their Regal movie tickets, proving they have the valid ID.

Additionally, those who serve in the military, or have served in the military in the past, can also get a discount on Regal movie tickets, as long as they have the valid ID to show it.

However, please note that both Student Discounts and Military Discounts vary in size between Regal locations, being different at each one. To know the specifics of your local Regal movie theater, contact them and ask.

In general, though, if you are eligible for a Student Discount or a Military Discount, then you’re looking at the following in terms of a discount off the standard adult ticket price:

Student Discount (requires valid ID)0% to 15% of the Adult ticket price
Military Discount (requires valid ID)0% to 20% of the Adult ticket price

A History Of Regal Movie Theaters

regal cinemas

Now that we’ve looked at all the different general ticket pricings that you can expect to find at your local Regal movie theater (varying across age groups, showtimes, formats, and more), you might be wondering how Regal actually came to be.

So, how did Regal become one of the most popular and well priced movie theater chains in the United States? Well, we’ve got a brief history to share with you.

Regal Cinemas itself was actually only established in 1989. That’s right, this chain may be one of the most beloved movie theater chains in America now, but they’ve only been around for a little over thirty years.

This fact makes their ascent to movie theater stardom even more impressive, because they’ve overcome movie theater chains that have existed far longer.

However, Regal Cinemas have actually benefited from some of the history of other chains by partnering up with them – and we’ll get to that soon.

Anyway, back to 1989. Regal Cinemas was founded in Knoxville, Tennessee, though its first actual movie theater location was in Titusville in Florida. The chain soon began to grow, with larger theaters in more areas.

Their expansion was helped by both building new and modern multiplexes, as well as buying smaller theater chains and taking them over.

However, in 2001 Regal expanded way too much and entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Around the same time, two other famous movie theater chains were also in financial difficulty, also filing for bankruptcy.

United Artists (UA) Theaters

The United Artists (UA) theater chain had a lot more history to it than Regal did, with UA having been established in 1924 by famous film figures Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin, among others.

However, United Artists Theaters went through a lot of different owners over their many decades long career.

In the 1940s they were purchased by the Naify Brothers, while in the 1980s John Malone’s Tele-Communications, Inc. owned the majority of United Artists Theaters until it decided to purchase the whole thing in 1991 – only to sell it off the next year!

Edwards Theaters

Edwards Theaters had a similarly impressive history, being founded in 1930. It was owned by a family and became one of the most popular and successful theater chains in California.

Unfortunately, this success would falter in the late 1990s when the son of the founder became president.

Upon entering his new role, he announced a massive expansion plan that would leave the company with almost double the amount of screens that it had before.

This ambitious plan sadly put them in crushing debt and the company had to file for bankruptcy in 2000.

Joining The Theaters

With three famous and beloved movie theater chains all in bankruptcy around the same time, investor Philip Anschutz bought notable investments in all three of the companies.

This made him the majority owner, which meant that he could then consolidate the three theater holdings into a new, singular parent company.

This company would be called “Regal Entertainment Group”.

The Regal Entertainment Group (REG) was successful from then on, rescuing all three theater chains. Better yet, the REG has bought up several smaller movie theater chains since then too.


In late 2017, it was announced that the UK theater chain Cineworld would buy Regal (and all its theaters) for $3.6 billion. This would create the second largest cinema group in the world, and the deal went ahead.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world a few years later, in 2020, all movie theater chains would struggle. This was no different for Cineworld and the Regal Cinemas chain.

However, as the pandemic eased up, Regal opened its cinema once again. Despite this, though, the pandemic left Cineworld with debts of over $4.8 billion.

Although audiences returned to movie theaters in massive numbers, it wasn’t quite enough to clear these pandemic debts, and in August of 2022 Cineworld (the owner of Regal Cinemas) were possibly going to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The future of Regal may be up in the air a bit, but that’s no reason to worry! Regal still continues to deliver the great experience that they already have, with all the fair ticket pricing that we looked at earlier.

Regal is no stranger to bankruptcy and financial struggles, yet it always bounces back and better than ever.

What Does A Regal Movie Theater Offer?

Regal Ticket Prices

As you could see from our ticket pricing guide above, there are plenty of different formats that you can see movies presented in at many Regal movie theater locations.

Each of these different formats, such as IMAX or RealD 3D, has their own benefits that improve the movie watching experience in some way.

We’re going to go into detail about what these different formats on offer at Regal Cinemas are going to give you, so that you can understand what’s on sale and perhaps try something new.


You will likely have heard of IMAX, which has become enormously popular as one of the most immersive ways to watch a movie.

In fact, IMAX themselves describe their format as the most immersive movie experience in the world. That’s a big promise, but one that is easy to agree with.

Why is that? Well, IMAX screens are enormous for a start. These are some of the biggest movie theater screens that you will see, if not the biggest.

The picture quality is second to none with these screens, too. You get dual projection, which gives unbeatable brightness and clarity to the picture.

On top of that, the images are met with perfect audio. The sounds are perfectly tuned and deliver the same quality to every seat in the theater, meaning that nobody is missing out.

IMAX uses laser-aligned audio placement in order to deliver the very best audio to every member of the audience.

It all goes to create the most immersive experience in cinema, with perfect picture and sound that’s going to deliver the highest quality every time you go.

RealD 3D

You can also see films in RealD 3D, which is where the film is projected in a way that can appear like it is 3D.

Traditionally, we watch movies that are 2D and flat, but with RealD 3D you wear a pair of special 3D glasses which cause the movie images to pop out of the screen – as if you’re in the movie.

This format is all about making the movies more immersive, by planting you inside them. Better yet, for double immersion, you can sometimes see movies presented in the IMAX format that are also 3D.


This takes things one step further than 3D, offering a multi-sensory experience that sweeps you into the movie even more. They are not always presented in 3D as well, for added immersion, but this is sometimes the case.

As its main draw, 4DX matches the visuals that happen on screen with corresponding movements in your seat.

Basically, you sit in a synchronized motion seat that can move around, shaking you with the characters on screen and making you feel as if you are in the movie.

On top of that, the theater also stimulates environmental effects like wind, fog, snow, water, and more in order to envelop you in the world of the movie even more.

So, if you see the movie characters trapped in some heavy rain, you’re likely to be pelted with the same water in the movie theater. Immersive!

Regal Premium Experience (RPX)

The Regal Premium Experience is, as you might have guessed, only available at Regal movie theaters. This makes it even more special, and it’s already pretty special to begin with.

Why? Well, RPX offers you a deluxe, massive screen to watch movies in, as well as a fully immersive surround sound system to complement those images. On top of that, the theater is lovely, with luxurious seating to lose yourself in.

What Does Regal Do To Help Others?


On top of their extreme quality when it comes to offering up a top class movie experience, Regal Cinemas also help the wider community an awful lot, with plenty of national partner charities that they help provide money to.

This is all through the Regal Foundation, which was founded in 2003 in order to coordinate support to a number of national and local groups that need the help.

All in all, Regal helps others in areas of education, health, children and family, and even the military.

Some of the charity partners that Regal Cinemas help include the American Red Cross and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


On top of these other ways to help communities, Regal Cinemas also offer discounts to certain groups of people, making their life a little bit easier and easing the financial burden.

As we discussed earlier, these two groups of people are students and people who have served in, or are currently serving in, the military.

First off, Regal Cinemas are proud to offer student pricing to all students, although these discounts are not actually available at every Regal movie theater location. For a list of locations where they are available, go to this page.

Student discounts are available because students tend to have less money than an average adult, with many students not actually having a source of regular income in the first place.

It would be a shame for young people to not get to go to the movies as much, especially when so many of the massive blockbusters that are released are mostly aimed at a student age group, so there are discounts in order to make it easier for them.

Regal Cinemas also offer discounts to military veterans, and these discounts are available at many more Regal movie theater locations (see here).

These discounts apply to people who are either serving in the military currently (active veterans), or people who have served in the military in the past and are now retired.

Whichever you might fall into, all you have to do is present a valid ID which confirms your military status.

Regal Cinemas offers these military discounts as a sign of thanks to those Americans that have served in the military, offering them cheaper movie tickets.

Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription Pass

If you regularly go to the movies, Regal (along with other movie theater chains) offers an unlimited movie subscription pass that you can sign up for.

When you’re an “Unlimited” member, you can watch as many movies as you want, all for one price. On top of that, you can see them as many times as you want, as well as see them whenever and wherever too.

Additionally, you also get a 10% discount on food and (non-alcoholic) drinks.

Even if you just go to the movie theater a few times each month, you’re likely to save money by signing up for Regal’s Unlimited movie pass.

The Best Regal Theater Locations

Every Regal movie theater is special, but here are some of the most popular:

  • The Regal LA LIVE Stadium 14 in Los Angeles
  • The Regal Union Square Stadium 14 in New York
  • The Regal Hollywood Stadium 14 in Chamblee, Georgia

Final Thoughts

Regal movie theaters offer a great range of ticket prices – use our guide to get a general idea of their costs.

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