AMC Ticket Prices

Without a doubt, one of the most popular and beloved movie theater chains in the United States is AMC (which stands for American Multi-Cinema).

AMC Ticket Prices

If you love going to the movies, there’s a very high chance that you’ve been to an AMC theater, and that’s partly because they have an enormous amount of them – 946 different movie theater locations to be precise!

In fact, they’re the largest movie theater chain in the world.

On top of that, AMC has been in the movie theater game for a very, very long time. They were founded over a hundred years ago, in 1920.

Considering that motion pictures had only been invented 25 years before this, and even then that wasn’t in the full feature form that came later, it means that AMC have pretty much been at the forefront of movies for most of the art and entertainment form’s history.

What does this mean? Well, it means that AMC knows what they’re doing! They clearly have the experience, and that’s why they’re one of the most successful movie theater chains there are.

Better yet, they have a whole range of brilliant formats to enjoy, like IMAC movies, RealD 3D, BigD, Prime at AMC, and more.

However, with various formats come various ticket prices, and AMC’s ticket prices are the focus of our guide today.

AMC is known for having well priced, affordable movie tickets, and in the article below you can find a general guide to what these prices are – varying across showtimes, formats, and age groups. Read on!

AMC Ticket Prices

Below are various different guides to the ticket prices you can expect to find at AMC movie theaters.

Please note that the ticket prices we’ve listed are the averages from a range of different AMC locations.

This is a general guide to what you can expect to pay when you go to an AMC movie theater, but the actual prices can vary between locations.

Standard Movies

If you’re going to see a movie at AMC in the normal, standard format, then it’s going to be cheaper than the fancier, bigger movie formats that they also offer.

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 2 and 12)Around $10.69
Adults (aged between 13 and 59)Around $13.69
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $12.69
Student Discount (exclusively Thursdays)Around $12.69
Military Discount (after 4 p.m.)Around $12.69

Dolby Cinema (Premium Format)

AMC also offers a variety of PLFs, which stand for Premium Large Formats. Dolby Cinema is one of these, which uses dual 4K laser projectors for a fantastic image quality and Dolby Atmos surround sound.

Better yet, it even features seat-mounted subwoofer speakers right inside your chairs – which are also recliner chairs for extra comfort!

Understandably, the prices are a little higher in general than standard format movies. On top of that, the ticket prices go up depending on the time of day that the movie is showing at.

Dolby Cinema Morning Showtimes

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 2 and 12)Around $12.49
Adults (aged between 13 and 59)Around $12.49
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $12.49

Dolby Cinema Noon Showtimes

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 2 and 12)Around $16.39
Adults (aged between 13 and 59)Around $17.89
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $16.39

Dolby Cinema Afternoon And Evening Showtimes

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 2 and 12)Around $17.39
Adults (aged between 13 and 59)Around $20.39
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $18.90


imax 3d

Another Premium Large Format is IMAX. You will probably have heard of IMAX, because it offers some of the biggest movie theater screens in the world.

When you see a movie in IMAX 3D, then you’re not only seeing the movie on a much bigger screen than usual, but you’re also seeing it projected in 3D (rather than the typical 2D).

As a result, the tickets are more expensive, because you’re getting a much bigger and better experience. On top of that, the ticket prices also vary across when the movie is showing.

IMAX 3D Noon Showtimes

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 2 and 12)Around $16.89
Adults (aged between 13 and 59)Around $18.39
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $16.89

IMAX 3D Afternoon And Evening Showtimes

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 2 and 12)Around $17.89
Adults (aged between 13 and 59)Around $20.89
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $19.40

RealD 3D

You can also just see movies at an AMC in RealD 3D. This is where the movie is projected in 3D, rather than the typical flat 2D that movies are almost always seen in.

However, a standard RealD 3D ticket is not going to be showing on an IMAX screen, so you’re not getting as big a screen. With that being said, because it’s not also IMAX, you can enjoy slightly cheaper ticket prices.

RealD 3D Noon Showtimes

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 2 and 12)Around $14.89
Adults (aged between 13 and 59)Around $16.39
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $14.89

RealD 3D Afternoon And Evening Showtimes

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 2 and 12)Around $15.89
Adults (aged between 13 and 59)Around $18.89
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $17.39


This is an interesting one! As you can guess from the name, these AMC movie tickets are all about getting meals and drinks with your food.

When you purchase an AMC DINE-IN movie ticket, you can get hand-crafted, high-quality meals delivered right to your seat while you’re enjoying your movie.

On top of that, you can enjoy beers, cocktails, or wines during the movie too – delivered straight from the AMC bar.

Not all AMC theaters offer the DINE-IN service, but you can expect these sort of movie ticket prices at ones that do:

AMC DINE-IN Morning Showtimes

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 2 and 12)Around $6.99
Adults (aged between 13 and 59)Around $6.99
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $6.99

AMC DINE-IN Noon Showtimes

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 2 and 12)Around $10.89
Adults (aged between 13 and 59)Around $12.39
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $10.89

AMC DINE-IN Afternoon And Evening Showtimes

Age GroupTicket Price
Children (aged between 2 and 12)Around $11.89
Adults (aged between 13 and 59)Around $14.89
Seniors (aged 60 and over)Around $13.39


As you might have guessed earlier in our guide, AMC offers some discounts to certain groups of people.

One of these is the Student Discount, which any student can take part in provided they can show a valid student ID.

With the Student Discount, an AMC movie ticket can be reduced anywhere between 15% and 40% off the traditional price. This all depends on the location and various other factors, but it can be a great saving.

Another key discount is the Military Discount, which members of the military can make use of, as long as they have a valid ID to prove their eligible status.

Again, these discounts can get these people discounts of anywhere up to 40% off the normal ticket price. It can vary, though, so always check with the AMC movie theater location that you’re planning to use it at.

What Formats Does An AMC Movie Theater Offer?

Now that we’ve looked at all the different ticket prices you can expect to find when you visit an AMC theater, you’ll know that the prices change depending on a whole range of different factors.

As you saw, one of these factors is the format that the movie is playing in.

There are a whole range of Premium Large Formats (PFLs) that AMC offer, each with their own benefits.

We touched on them a little earlier, but now we’re going to go into each of them in more depth and detail, so that you can understand what you’re buying a ticket to when you next go.

Dolby Cinema


Dolby is perhaps the greatest company when it comes to movie sound, having been at the forefront for decades.

This means that when they created the premium format of Dolby Cinema, which is available at many AMC movie theater locations, it was undeniably going to knock it out of the park when it came to audio.

Excellent Audio

With Dolby Cinema, you’re going to get moving audio that properly immerses you in your movie. The format uses Dolby Atmos surround sound, with speakers placed all around the theater in order to surround with audio.

Better yet, Atmos expanded on old surround sound techniques by adding height channels, which are speakers placed high up in the theater.

With these added into the mix, you get a three-dimensional flow of sound, fully sweeping you up into the movie.

Creative Seating

On top of all this surround sound, the actual Dolby Cinema AMC theater seats even have subwoofer speakers in them. This means you’re going to have movie audio that’s playing right next to you, fully bringing you into the world of the movie.

Better yet, all of the seats are recliners, meaning that you can properly relax while you enjoy your movie.

There is an illuminated control panel with each on an armrest of each sweet, which allows you to easily adjust how far back your seat reclines, as well as how your footrest comes up. With complete control, you can sit exactly as you want.

Great Visuals

Of course, we have to mention the brilliantly crisp picture quality. Dolby Cinema at AMC uses dual 4K laser projectors, along with Dolby Vision HDR (high dynamic range).

This means that you’re going to get an image rich with detail, with vibrant colors, deep dark shades, and wonderful brightness.

Special Auditorium Additions

Last, but certainly not least, are the special designs that are added to the Dolby Cinema theater rooms at AMC.

When you go to see a movie in this premium format, you can expect a special entrance tunnel into your auditorium.

This tunnel has a video wall that shows content related to the movie that you’re about to see, amping you up for the great time you’re going to have.


IMAX is probably the most famous premium movie format, because it’s so impressive. It’s become extremely popular among movie theater audiences, and that’s because it’s one of the most immersive ways that you can watch a movie – if not the most.

IMAX certainly thinks so, describing their own format as the most immersive movie experience in the entire world.

Enormous Screens

If you’ve heard of IMAX already, it’s probably because of the size of their screens.

IMAX movie screens are some of the absolute biggest in the world, meaning that you’re going to be totally thrown into the world of your favorite movies, with the screen taking up most of your vision.

If you see an IMAX movie at an AMC theater, you’re going to be immersed.

When the screen is enormous, though, the picture quality needs to be second to none. That’s because the larger the screen is, the easier it is to see imperfections in the image. Thankfully, IMAX pictures have no imperfections.

Every frame of an IMAX film has been optimized for the format, making sure that there is perfect detail and clarity in the image – even at its enormous scale.

Immersive Sound

Of course, movie images would be nothing without sound to match. After all, there is no point watching a visually flawless movie if the sound isn’t very good.

That’s why IMAX pride themselves on the quality of their sound, too, with the most innovative sound systems available.

Better yet, the speakers are orientated around the theater precisely, making sure that they are delivering the same quality of audio to each audience member, with no seats missing out.

Their speakers present every noise, from the quietest scene of tension to the loudest and most explosive action scene. Every note of audio is dynamic, fully immersing you in the movie.


And if things are ever slipping? Well, they don’t! This is because IMAX has real-time adjustment and remote monitoring, with people ready to jump in and fix things if the quality ever dips.

When you’re watching an IMAX movie at an AMC theater, you can bet on reliable and consistent quality.

RealD 3D

When you go to the movies, you’ll be used to seeing them projected in 2D. This is where the image is flat, which is how most movies have been projected over the history of cinema.

However, you can sometimes see your favorite movies in 3D at your local AMC theater – where the images pop right out of the screen, making you feel as if you’re actually in the film itself.

Total Immersion

RealD 3D is the best format for seeing 3D movies, because it’s famous for its high quality and immersion. Of course, 3D movies are all about immersion, because they make you feel like the movie is playing out in the same room as you.

They do this RealD 3D eyewear, which are special glasses that you have to wear in order to see the 3D images.

3D movies have been cleverly adapted on the screen in a way that makes them look three-dimensional when viewed through the special lenses of the 3D glasses – just be sure to keep the glasses on!

Excellent Audio

Each RealD 3D movie experience also has high-stereo contrast to match the immersive three-dimensional images. No movie would be perfect without perfect sound, and the systems that RealD 3D uses are unlikely to disappoint.



The BigD premium format is quite similar to IMAX, in that it’s mainly about having an enormous screen.

Massive Visuals

This massive screen is set to fully immerse you in the world of your famous movies by filling your sight. How does it do this?

Well the screen is floor to ceiling, and wall to wall, meaning that it covers the entire wall that it’s on. Extremely high and extremely wide, the BigD is big – and it should entirely take up your vision.

On top of that, the picture quality on the enormous screen is also spectacular. This is because BigD uses a cutting edge projector in the form of “Christie Brilliant 3-D”, which also projects 2D movies.

With this projector, you’re going to get a picture quality much crisper and clearer than HD, fully taking you into the world of the movie.

Revolutionary Sound

In addition to the terrific picture quality that you’ll get with BigD movies at AMC theaters, the sound is also brilliant.

They use an audio system that is at the forefront of sound technology, giving you audio processing that has been enabled with excellent subwoofers and quad-amplified speakers.

If you go to AMC and see a movie in the BigD format, you can bet that you’re going to hear every whisper and every explosion.

Prime At AMC

This is a premium movie format that you may not have heard of before, and that’s because it’s exclusive to AMC movie theaters.

This extremely special moviegoing experience was developed for AMC movie theaters only, delivering an exhilarating movie experience every time.

Generally, Prime at AMC offers large screens, Dolby Atmos, and subwoofers in the seats. If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s quite close to what the Dolby Cinema format offers.

For this reason, a lot of Prime screens and auditoriums have actually been refitted since 2015 in order to offer Dolby Cinema instead.

As a result, Prime screenings at AMC are not available at every AMC theater location. You’re more likely to find a Dolby Cinema at your local AMC instead. However, if you do find an AMC Prime format, you can expect:

High-Quality Visuals

Prime uses new projection technology in order to bring you a movie image that’s completely rich. It has better contrasts, fuller and brighter colors, and more clarity overall.

With Prime, their movies are shown on large screens, so it is essential that the picture quality is spectacular.

Brilliant Sound

On top of that, Prime at AMC will deliver excellent surround sound that makes you feel like you’re right in the center of the action that’s taking place on screen.

You’ll have every sound fully immerse you, with each speaker projecting every little audio detail that the movie has – and every big one too! You’ll get all the explosions and blockbuster noises you want.

Complete Comfort

Finally, Prime at AMC offers plush recliner chairs that you can fully relax in. They have subwoofer speakers in them, too, meaning that the sound of the movie will be happening right next to you – as well as all around the theater. Immersive!


What’s better than watching a movie? Watching a movie while enjoying a delicious meal and a refreshing drink.

We covered the various prices you can expect for an AMC DINE-IN ticket earlier, but now we’re going to look in greater detail at what you’re getting for your money.

AMC DINE-IN isn’t available at all AMC theaters, but is available at a large range of locations. You can see them here.

Hand-Crafted Meals

When you use the AMC DINE-IN experience, you can pick a delicious meal from a wide range of different hand-crafted dishes. These all use fresh ingredients and are sure to be delicious.

You can pick from snacks, bowls & salads, artisan flatbreads (which are like little decorated pizzas), entrées, burgers, and sandwiches.

Kids options are also available for some. Better yet, once you’ve enjoyed your indulgent main course, you can also pick from a variety of desserts and milkshakes – or just have some popcorn or candy!

Meals Delivered Right To Your Seat

If you’ve got a mouthwatering meal on its way, you don’t want to disrupt your movie to come and get it. That’s why AMC DINE-IN offers seat delivering, bringing your ordered meal right to your reserved seat.


As if all that wasn’t enough, you can get a whole variety of different drinks to wash your meal down. These include alcoholic drinks for the adults – allowing you to choose from craft beer varieties, exciting cocktails, and premium wines.

You can enjoy these all during your movie, and they all come from the special bar that is located in AMC DINE-IN movie theaters.

A History Of AMC Movie Theaters

AMC Ticket Prices

Now that you’ve seen everything that AMC movie theater has to offer, it’s worth seeing how they got to where they are today.


AMC Theaters were founded all the way back in 1920, over 100 years ago. This means that they’ve been around an incredibly long time, which makes the fact that they’re still successful all these decades later even more impressive.

AMC’s first theater was in Kansas City in Missouri, and they soon bought other theaters in Missouri and Kansas.

However, the son of one of the founders convinced AMC to build some drive-in theaters, which gave them slightly more variety. The company grew and grew, acquiring more theaters over a few decades.


In 1963, AMC opened two theaters side by side in the same location, since the sites could not be combined. This combination was technically AMC’s first foray into the world of multiplexes, which you’ll know are extremely popular today.

Multiplexes are large movie theater buildings with multiple screens. The idea of having multiplexes was rapidly embraced by the movie theater industry, and AMC was able to latch onto this new trend as they grew further.

Expansion Overseas

The company was still doing well when it came to the 1980s, with AMC having its first stock launch in 1983.

Two years later, in 1985, AMC built their first multiplex in a country outside of the United States. It was a multiplex with ten screens, and it was constructed in Milton Keynes in England.

Unfortunately, AMC withdrew from the United Kingdom market towards the end of the decade, but it had still been a sign that they could do well outside America.

Further Success

Success continues to come for AMC, with them purchasing a 30 screen multiplex in California in 1996. This was the largest multiple in the world at the time of purpose, with immense moviegoing potential.

The same year, AMC opened their first movie theaters in Japan and Portugal, expanding overseas again. In the early 2000s, they also returned to the U.K, opening movie theaters in both Manchester and Birmingham.

New Owners

In 2012, Wanda Group paid $2.6 billion dollars to buy most of AMC’s movie theaters in the United States. How many was that? An impressive 347 separate theaters, with over 5000 screens between them.

The same year, some of AMC’s Canada theaters were sold to Cineplex Entertainment and Empire Theatres.

AMC Theaters Now

Though AMC theaters struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic, as did all movie theaters, they’ve done well to bounce back. They still offer an enormous range of features, formats, and reasonable ticket prices.

What Is AMC Dreamscape?

You might have heard of a platform called Dreamscape that is offered at a very select few AMC theater locations in Dallas, Columbus, New Jersey. However, more locations are coming soon.

Virtual Reality

AMC Dreamscape is all about using virtual reality (VR) technology to immerse yourself in cinematic world and experiences even more.

If you don’t know, virtual reality comes in the form of goggles that you wear over your eyes. These put you into a simulated 3D environment which you can then move around in with your own physical movements.

Immersive Adventures

Sessions are 35 minutes long, with you getting geared up and ready with a VR headset. You pick from a range of different adventures to enjoy in your VR headset.

For example, “Alien Zoo” plants you in a zoo in outer space, letting you gape at the alien animals that tower above you.

Meanwhile, “DreamWorks Dragons Flight Academy” puts you into the world of the How To Train Your Dragon movies. If you’ve them at an AMC movie theater, you can now fly your own dragons in a rescue mission. Thrilling!

Another VR Dreamscape adventure on offer at select AMC theaters is “The Blu: Deep Rescue”. This plunges you into the fascinating underworld of the ocean, making it seem like you’re swimming alongside enormous sea creatures.

Finally, “Curse of the Lost Pearl” is an exciting treasure-hunting adventure experience.

The Most Popular AMC Theaters

Every AMC theater is special, with a whole range of different movie formats for you to enjoy.

Better yet, the ticket prices to all of these are good value too. With that being said, some AMC theater locations are more popular than others.

Below are a select few of the most popular AMC theaters in the United States.

  • The AMC Empire 25 in New York
  • The AMC Burbank 16 in Burbank, California
  • The AMC Saratoga 14 in San Jose, California
  • The AMC Studio 30 in Houston, Texas

Final Thoughts

AMC is the biggest movie theater chain in the world, and one of the most popular in the United States. This is thanks to their deluxe range of formats and their affordable ticket prices.

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