Harkins Concession Prices

If you’re planning on catching a movie at Harkins Theatres, then you may be wondering about the prices of their food and snacks. With more than 500 movie screens, Harkins Theatres is a popular cinema chain that offers a variety of food and drink options at their concession stand. From classic popcorn to hot foods, snacks, candy, and drinks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy while watching a movie.

If you’re also wondering about their ticket prices, a more in-depth guide about that can be found in our Harkins Ticket Prices post.

To help you plan your cinema trip, we’ve compiled a list of the latest Harkins food prices for 2023. Please note that the prices and food options may vary depending on where you live. However, this guide will give you a general idea of what to expect when it comes to the cost of Harkins popcorn, hot foods, snacks, candy, and drinks. So, whether you’re on a budget or looking to indulge in some cinema treats, keep reading to find out more about Harkins food prices.

Harkins Food Prices

If you’re planning to catch a movie at Harkins Theatres, you might be wondering about the food prices at the concession stand. Harkins offers a variety of concession items, including popcorn, hot foods, snacks, candy, kids combos, drinks, and special drinks. Here’s what you can expect to pay for some of the most popular items:

  • Popcorn: Harkins popcorn prices range from $6.50 for a small to $9.50 for a large. You can also get a refillable popcorn bucket for $15.50.
  • Hot Foods: Harkins offers several hot food items, including hot dogs, nachos, and pretzels. Prices for hot foods range from $5.50 to $7.50.
  • Snacks: If you’re looking for a quick snack, Harkins has you covered. Snack prices range from $3.50 to $4.50 and include items like candy, chips, and beef jerky.
  • Candy: Harkins offers a variety of candy options, including Skittles, M&Ms, and Reese’s Pieces. Candy prices range from $3.50 to $4.50.
  • Kids Combos: Harkins offers several kids combos that include a small popcorn, small drink, and a choice of candy or fruit snacks. Prices range from $6.50 to $7.50.
  • Drinks: Harkins offers a variety of drinks, including soda, water, and energy drinks. Prices range from $3.50 to $5.50.
  • Special Drinks: For something a little different, Harkins offers special drinks like frozen lemonade and ICEE. Prices range from $4.50 to $6.50.

It’s important to note that Harkins concession prices may vary depending on the location and time of day. Additionally, prices are subject to change without notice. If you’re looking for more information on Harkins food prices, check out their website or ask a staff member at the theatre.

Popcorn Offerings

harkins popcorn prices

If you’re a popcorn lover, you’re in luck. Harkins offers a variety of popcorn sizes and flavors to satisfy your cravings. Here are the details:

Popcorn Sizes and Prices

Harkins offers four different popcorn sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. The prices vary depending on the size you choose. As of June 2023, the prices are as follows:


Premium Popcorn

Harkins offers award-winning popcorn that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. Their popcorn is made with high-quality ingredients, and you can taste the difference. The popcorn is popped fresh daily and is always served hot and delicious.

Popcorn Toppings

Harkins offers a variety of popcorn toppings to take your popcorn to the next level. You can add butter flavoring, white cheddar kernel seasoning, nacho cheddar kernel seasoning, or kettle corn kernel seasoning to your popcorn for free. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try combining different toppings to create your own unique flavor.

Popcorn Perks

If you’re a frequent moviegoer, you’ll want to sign up for Harkins Popcorn Perks. With this program, you can get a free medium popcorn when you sign up, as well as a free medium popcorn on your birthday. You’ll also earn points for every dollar you spend, which you can redeem for free popcorn, drinks, and more.

Popcorn Vegan

If you’re vegan, you’ll be happy to know that Harkins popcorn is 100% vegan verified. The popcorn is plant-based and contains no traces of tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, or gluten. So you can enjoy your popcorn without any worries.

Butter Flavoring Bottle

If you’re a fan of Harkins’ butter flavoring, you can purchase a bottle to take home with you. The bottle contains 8 ounces of the delicious butter flavoring, so you can enjoy it on your popcorn at home.

Hot Foods

If you’re looking for something more substantial than popcorn or candy, Harkins Theatres offers a variety of hot foods to satisfy your hunger. Here’s a breakdown of the hot food options available at Harkins:


Harkins offers a Big Screen Burger that comes with fries and a bottled drink. You can also order the burger by itself or as part of a combo. The burger is made with 100% Angus beef and served on a steamed bun.

Hot Dogs

If you’re in the mood for a classic movie snack, Harkins offers both a Classic Hot Dog and an Ultimate Hot Dog. The Ultimate Hot Dog is also made with 100% Angus beef and is served on a steamed bun.


For a slightly more upscale movie snack, Harkins offers two flatbread options: Margherita and Pepperoni. Both are made with fresh ingredients and are perfect for sharing.

Other Hot Foods

In addition to burgers, hot dogs, and flatbreads, Harkins also offers Mini Corn Dogs, White Castle sliders, Nachos Grande, Popcorn Chicken, French Fries, Cheese Sticks, and regular Nachos with your choice of Cheddar, Pepperoni, or Margherita toppings.

Prices for hot foods at Harkins Theatres vary depending on location and menu item. For more information on specific prices, check out the Harkins Popcorn & Food Prices in 2023 page.

Snacks and Candy

When it comes to snacking at Harkins Theatres, you won’t be disappointed. From salty to sweet, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of the snacks and candy available at Harkins and their prices as of June 2023:

  • Pretzel: Harkins offers a warm, soft pretzel with cheese sauce for $5.50. It’s a classic snack that pairs perfectly with a movie.
  • Ice Cream: If you’re in the mood for something cold and sweet, Harkins has you covered. They offer a variety of ice cream flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. You can get a single scoop for $3.50 or a double scoop for $4.50.
  • Roasted Nuts: For a healthier snack option, try Harkins’ roasted nuts. They offer almonds, cashews, and peanuts for $5.50 per bag.
  • Moon Cheese: This crunchy, cheesy snack is a unique option that you won’t find at many other movie theaters. Harkins sells a bag of Moon Cheese for $4.50.
  • Pickle Cutz: If you’re a fan of pickles, you’ll love Harkins’ Pickle Cutz. These crunchy, tangy pickle slices come in a convenient to-go cup for $3.50.
  • Churros: For a sweet and crispy snack, try Harkins’ churros. They’re coated in cinnamon sugar and come with a side of chocolate dipping sauce for $4.50.
  • Caramel Corn: This classic snack is a movie theater staple. Harkins offers a bag of caramel corn for $4.00.
  • Haribo Gold Bears: These gummy bears are a crowd favorite. Harkins sells a bag of Haribo Gold Bears for $4.00.
  • Nestle Buncha Crunch: This chocolate candy is perfect for sharing during a movie. Harkins offers a bag of Nestle Buncha Crunch for $4.50.
  • Red Vine Tray: If you prefer licorice, Harkins has you covered. They offer a tray of Red Vines for $4.50.
  • Sour Punch Bites: For a sour candy fix, try Harkins’ Sour Punch Bites. They come in assorted flavors and cost $4.00 per bag.

Overall, Harkins offers a variety of snack and candy options to satisfy any craving. Prices may vary by location, so be sure to check with your local theater for exact pricing. Enjoy your movie and snacks!


When it comes to drinks, Harkins Theatres offers a variety of options to quench your thirst during the movie. From bottled water to special drinks, there is something for everyone.

If you are a frequent moviegoer, you may want to consider purchasing the Harkins Loyalty Cup. This cup can be refilled for only $1.50 per visit and is valid for one year from the date of purchase. It’s a great way to save money on drinks and reduce waste at the same time.

For those who prefer bottled water, Harkins offers Perrier and Vitamin Water. The small size of the Icee is also a popular choice for those who want a cold and refreshing drink during the movie.

If you are looking for something more unique, Harkins also offers special drinks such as Honest Kids and Monster Energy. Dunkin Donuts coffee is also available for those who need a caffeine boost.

Overall, Harkins Theatres has a good selection of drinks to choose from at reasonable prices. Whether you want to stay hydrated with bottled water or indulge in a special drink, there is something for everyone.

Kids Combos

If you’re looking to treat your kids to a fun day at the movies without breaking the bank, Harkins Theatres has got you covered with their affordable kids’ combos. These combos are perfect for children and come with a variety of options.

One of the most popular kids’ combos is the Standard Kids Combo, which includes a small popcorn, a small fountain drink, and a choice of either candy or fruit snacks. This combo is perfect for children who want a little bit of everything.

For parents who want to offer their kids a healthier option, the Honest Kids Juice Combo is a great choice. This combo includes a juice box, a small popcorn, and a choice of either candy or fruit snacks. It’s a great way to keep your kids hydrated and happy during the movie.

If your child loves slushies, then the Kids ICEE Combo is the perfect choice. This combo includes a small ICEE, a small popcorn, and a choice of either candy or fruit snacks. It’s a great way to cool off on a hot day and enjoy a tasty treat.

All kids’ combos are affordably priced, making it easy for parents to treat their children to a fun day at the movies. Plus, the portions are just the right size for children, so they won’t feel overwhelmed or too full.

In summary, Harkins Theatres offers a variety of kids’ combos to choose from, including the Standard Kids Combo, Honest Kids Juice Combo, and Kids ICEE Combo. These combos are affordable, tasty, and just the right size for children. So, next time you’re at the movies with your child, consider treating them to one of these delicious combos.

Party Popcorn

If you’re hosting a party or event, Harkins Theatres has got you covered with their Party Popcorn option. For just $12, you can complete your party with freshly popped Harkins popcorn!

Party Popcorn is available at your favorite Harkins location, Curbside Pickup locations, DoorDash, and GrubHub. You can also customize your popcorn bar with POP2GO, which includes Harkins award-winning popcorn (25 – 30 servings) with a popcorn scoop, a display warmer (one-day rental), and popcorn seasoning (white cheddar, kettle, or butter). The POP2GO package costs only $50.

If you want to add some variety to your popcorn, you can also choose to add Harkins Movie Theatre Buttery Topping or Kernel Season’s popcorn seasoning (one flavor of your choice) to your Party Popcorn.

With Party Popcorn, you can be sure that your guests will enjoy delicious and freshly popped popcorn that is perfect for any occasion. So, whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a family gathering, or a fundraising event, Harkins Party Popcorn is the perfect addition to your party.

Party Popcorn$12
Harkins Movie Theatre Buttery Topping$0.75
Kernel Season’s popcorn seasoning$0.50

Note that prices may vary by location and are subject to change.

Pizza and Desserts

If you’re in the mood for some pizza or dessert while watching a movie at Harkins, you’re in luck. Harkins offers a variety of options to satisfy your cravings.


Harkins offers pizzas starting at $5.50. These pizzas come in different flavors such as cheese, pepperoni, and sausage. You can also add extra toppings such as mushrooms, olives, and onions for an additional $1 per topping.

If you’re looking for a more filling meal, Harkins also offers a combo deal that includes a personal pizza, a drink, and a side salad for $12.50.


If you have a sweet tooth, Harkins has got you covered. They offer a variety of desserts such as cookies, brownies, and ice cream.

Their cookies and brownies are freshly baked and cost $3 each. You can also get a combo deal that includes a cookie or brownie and a drink for $6.

For ice cream lovers, Harkins offers a variety of flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. You can get a single scoop for $3 or a double scoop for $5.

Overall, Harkins offers a decent selection of pizza and dessert options at reasonable prices. Whether you’re in the mood for something savory or sweet, you’ll find something to satisfy your cravings.

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