AMC Concession Prices

If you’re going to see one of the latest movies at your local AMC movie theater, you’ll probably want to buy some delicious snacks and beverages to enjoy during the screening.

After all, what’s a trip to the movies without some concessions? Food and movies are a dream combination.

AMC Concession Prices

However, you’ll probably want to know how much you’re going to have to pay before you get there. After all, some concessions can cost more than others, and you won’t want to break the bank on food and drinks. So, what are the AMC concession prices?

We’ve got the answers for you! In our handy guide below, we’re going to break down the kinds of prices that you can expect to pay for various different concessions at your local AMC movie theater. These cover snacks, drinks, candy, and more. 

On top of that, a select number of AMC movie theaters offer AMC Dine-In, where you can get full meals delivered straight to your seats. We’ll cover the kinds of prices you can expect to pay there, too. 

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AMC Concession Prices

AMC Concession Prices

Here are the general prices for all sorts of AMC concessions. We’ll begin with popcorn, because it’s the most important movie theater snack of all!


Food TypePrice
Small PopcornBetween $6.09 and $7.09
Medium Popcorn Between $7.10 and $8.09
Large PopcornBetween $8.10 and $9.09
Added Flavor$0.49
Gourmet Popcorn (Caramel & Cheddar)Between $7.09 and $7.59


Food TypePrice
Pizza (choose between cheese or pepperoni)Between $7.49 and $7.69
NachosBetween $7.59 and $7.89
A Hot DogBetween $4.69 and $5.19
Chicken TendersBetween $7.39 and $7.79
A Frito Chili PieBetween $6.89 and $7.19


Food TypePrice
Ice Cream Around $3.79
Candy (assorted types)Between $3.99 and $4.49


Of course, no meal or snack would be complete without a tasty beverage to wash it down. As a result, AMC theaters offer a wide range of different drinks that you can enjoy with your movie.

The price ranges that you can expect for these at your local AMC are as follows.

Drink TypePrice
Small Soft DrinkBetween $5.09 and $5.29
Medium Soft DrinkBetween $5.59 and $5.79
Large Soft DrinkBetween $6.09 and $6.29
Medium ICEEBetween $5.59 and $5.79
Large ICEEBetween $5.79 and $6.29
Real Fruit SmoothieBetween $5.69 and $5.89
A MilkshakeBetween $5.89 and $6.19
A CoffeeBetween $3.69 and $3.89
Bottle DrinksBetween $3.99 and $4.89

Combo (Meal And Drink)

You can also get pre-set combos at AMC movie theaters, which are a mixture of some food and some drinks. 

Combo TypePrice
One Large Popcorn AND One Large DrinkAround $14.59
One Large Popcorn AND Two large DrinksAround $20.79
Two Hot Dogs AND One Large DrinkAround $15.69
One Nachos Serving AND One Large DrinkAround $13.09
Kid’s Popcorn, Pack Of AMC Frooti Tootis, And A Kid-Sized Fountain Drink (The “AMC KidsPack”)Between $6.89 and $9.59
Chicken Tenders AND Fries AND One Large Drink$18.79

AMC Dine-In

However, you can get (along with all these concessions) a series of proper, hand-crafted dishes at AMC Dine-In theaters.

These services are only available at a select range of AMC theaters, sadly, so it may not be the case with your local theater. 

With that being said, those lucky enough to go to an AMC Dine-In can expect to enjoy a menu packed with hand-crafted dishes, a bar serving up a range of alcoholic beverages, and even delivery of all your meals and drinks straight to your seat.

The menu includes snacks, salads, loaded bowls, entrées, burgers, sandwiches, artisan flatbreads, and sweets (for dessert!). 

The prices that you can expect vary across all dishes. For example, an Asian steak & shrimp costs $16.19. Meanwhile, a classic burger costs $11.69 and a chipotle chicken melt sandwich costs $7.99. 

Final Thoughts

AMC has plenty of concessions available – find their prices here!

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