Why did Jeepers Creepers Want Darry’s Eyes?

Jeepers Creepers is an American horror film that was released in 2001. The film centers around two siblings, Trish and Darry, who are on a road trip home from college when they encounter a terrifying creature known as The Creeper. The Creeper is a demonic being who preys on humans, seeking to consume their body parts to regenerate its own. One of the most disturbing aspects of the film is when The Creeper becomes fixated on Darry’s eyes, seeking to take them for its own. But why did Jeepers Creepers want Darry’s eyes?

The Importance of Eyes in Horror

Before diving into the specifics of why Jeepers Creepers wanted Darry’s eyes, it’s important to understand the broader context of eyes in horror. Throughout the history of horror films, eyes have played a significant role in creating fear and tension. This is because eyes are often seen as a window into the soul, and the absence of eyes can represent a lack of humanity or a void of emotion.

Furthermore, eyes are often associated with vulnerability and exposure. When a character’s eyes are open, they are more aware of their surroundings and can see potential threats. When their eyes are closed or absent, they are more susceptible to attack. This vulnerability is often exploited by horror filmmakers, who use eye-related imagery to create a sense of dread in viewers.

The Symbolism of Eyes in Jeepers Creepers

In Jeepers Creepers, the importance of eyes is emphasized from the very beginning of the film. As Trish and Darry are driving on a deserted road, they see The Creeper disposing of what appears to be a human body. What makes this scene particularly unsettling is the fact that The Creeper appears to be sniffing the air, as if trying to locate the scent of its next victim. This creates a sense of unease, as if The Creeper can sense the presence of the protagonists and their vulnerability.

Later in the film, The Creeper actually attacks Trish and Darry’s car, causing them to crash and become stranded on the side of the road. When The Creeper finally catches up to them, it becomes fixated on Darry’s eyes. It hovers over him, sniffing his face and seeming to examine his eyes. This is where the symbolism of eyes in the film becomes clear.

Darry’s eyes represent his humanity and vulnerability. By taking his eyes, The Creeper would be taking these qualities away from him, reducing him to nothing more than a collection of body parts. It’s also worth noting that The Creeper seems to be very selective about the body parts it takes. It doesn’t simply go for the easiest or most accessible option; instead, it seems to have a specific preference for certain body parts.

The Creeper’s “Harvest”

In fact, the idea of The Creeper “harvesting” specific body parts is a recurring theme throughout the film. At one point, Trish and Darry discover a huge chamber in the basement of an abandoned church, filled with the corpses of previous victims. As they explore the chamber, they realize that each victim is missing a specific body part: an arm, a leg, an eye, etc. This further emphasizes The Creeper’s fixation on certain body parts, and raises the question of what it does with these parts once it has consumed them.

One theory is that The Creeper uses the body parts to regenerate itself. Throughout the film, we see The Creeper shedding its skin and transforming into different forms. This suggests that it has some sort of regenerative ability, and that it needs human body parts in order to achieve this transformation. By taking Darry’s eyes, The Creeper would be able to incorporate them into its own body, further enhancing its abilities and power.

So, why did Jeepers Creepers want Darry’s eyes? Ultimately, the answer lies in the symbolism of eyes in horror and the recurring theme of body part “harvesting” in the film. Darry’s eyes represented his humanity and vulnerability, and by taking them The Creeper would be stripping these qualities away from him. Additionally, The Creeper seemed to have a specific preference for certain body parts and used them to regenerate itself. This created a sense of unease and horror in viewers, as they were forced to confront the idea of a creature using human body parts to fuel its own power and existence.

Exploring the Significance of Eyes in the Jeepers Creepers Franchise

The fixation on eyes in Jeepers Creepers isn’t just limited to the first film – it’s a recurring theme throughout the entire franchise. In order to fully understand the significance of eyes in the Jeepers Creepers universe, it’s important to explore the other films in the series.

The Continuing Importance of Eyes in the Jeepers Creepers Franchise

In Jeepers Creepers 2, which was released in 2003, The Creeper continues its obsession with eyes. This time, it sets its sights on a group of high school students who become stranded in a field while on a bus trip. One of the students, named Scotty, discovers a set of eyes hidden in The Creeper’s barn. This discovery leads to a chilling confrontation in which The Creeper tries to take Scotty’s eyes for its own.

Jeepers Creepers 2 further reinforces the symbolism of eyes in the franchise. The characters become increasingly aware of The Creeper’s fixation on certain body parts, and they begin to understand that they are being hunted by a creature that sees them as nothing more than a collection of desirable body parts.

The third installment in the franchise, Jeepers Creepers 3, which released in 2017, is set between the events of the first and second films. It further explores The Creeper’s motivations and backstory, revealing that it has been active for centuries and targeting specific individuals for their unique genetic traits. One of these traits is the ability to see visions of the future, which The Creeper covets.

Overall, the Jeepers Creepers franchise has consistently used eyes as a symbol of vulnerability and humanity. By taking a character’s eyes, The Creeper is able to strip away these qualities, reducing them to nothing more than a collection of body parts. The fixation on eyes also serves to heighten tension and terror, creating a sense of dread as viewers come to understand The Creeper’s intentions.


Eyes are a powerful symbol in horror films, representing vulnerability, exposure, and humanity. The Jeepers Creepers franchise has successfully used this symbolism to create some of the most terrifying horror films in recent history. Whether it’s The Creeper’s fixation on Darry’s eyes in the first film, or its continued pursuit of specific genetic traits in the later installments, the significance of eyes cannot be overstated.

For fans of the franchise, the continued significance of eyes will likely play a role in any future installments. Who will The Creeper target next, and what unique body parts will it seek to consume? Only time will tell – but one thing is certain: eyes will always be a crucial element of the Jeepers Creepers universe.

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