The Flash 2023 Movie Review

I recently had the opportunity to watch The Flash, a 2023 superhero blockbuster that had been eagerly anticipated by fans of the DC Comics universe. The film stars Ezra Miller as the titular character, alongside some scene-stealing performances from other cast members. Overall, the movie presents an interesting take on the superhero genre, with a blend of both flashy visual effects and thoughtful storytelling that seeks to engage and captivate its audience.

In “The Flash,” Ezra Miller effectively brings the quick-witted speedster to life, capturing the mix of humor and determination that has defined the character in comic books and animated series. As I delved into the film, I couldn’t help but appreciate the careful balance it struck, with commendable visual effects showcasing the character’s incredible speed and thrilling action sequences. While I felt some aspects of the movie were somewhat lacking, the overall experience was undeniably engaging and entertaining.

Cast and Characters

In the 2023 film, “The Flash“, I enjoyed watching a variety of characters brought to life by a talented cast. The film’s ensemble includes familiar DC favorites and new faces alike.

Barry Allen

Ezra Miller reprises their role as Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, from their previous appearances in the DC Extended Universe. Miller brings a unique energy and charm to their portrayal of the fastest man alive, adding depth to the character.


Sasha Calle makes her debut in the DC Extended Universe as Supergirl. With her powerful performance, Calle adds a fresh perspective to the character and expands the Justice League’s roster in an exciting way.


Two of the most celebrated Batman actors, Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, come together in this movie. Keaton reprises his role as Bruce Wayne from the 1989 Batman film, while Affleck returns as the caped crusader from the more recent DC movies. Their performances offer fans a fascinating exploration of different interpretations of the iconic character.


Henry Cavill continues his portrayal of Superman/Clark Kent in “The Flash”. As a core member of the Justice League, his presence in the film helps tie the storyline together and showcases the importance of these characters as a unit.

General Zod

Michael Shannon returns as General Zod, the Kryptonian antagonist from “Man of Steel”. His menacing performance adds an extra layer of conflict and tension for our heroes to overcome.

In addition to these central figures, “The Flash” features Maribel Verdú as Nora Allen, Barry’s mother, and Ron Livingston as his father, Henry Allen. Furthermore, Gal Gadot makes a notable appearance as Wonder Woman, connecting this film to the broader DC Extended Universe narrative.

Overall, I found the cast and characters in “The Flash” to be engaging and well-portrayed, creating a memorable experience in the world of DC superheroes.

Storyline and Themes


The Flash movie (2023) directed by Andy Muschietti and written by Christina Hodson, brings the iconic Flashpoint storyline to the big screen. In this adaptation, I found that the plot revolves around Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, as he uses his super speed to travel back in time to save his family. However, his actions create a world without superheroes, compelling him to race for his life and save the future. This movie has been praised for adding a degree of emotional depth and complexity to the superhero genre.


Time-travel is an essential theme within The Flash (2023). Stylistically, the film draws on elements from classics such as Back to the Future. I noticed how it blends these influences with its own unique take on the genre, breathing fresh air into the superhero movie‘s exploration of time and consequences. The film deftly handles the intricacies of time-travel and challenges the superhero genre’s status quo in tackling the resulting moral and ethical dilemmas.


A key aspect of The Flash (2023) is its introduction of the concept of Multiverses to the DC Universe. I found that the film explores multiple versions of heroes and villains from different timelines, resulting in an exciting expansion of the DC mythos. In implementing the multiverse concept, The Flash (2023) succeeds in highlighting the vast possibilities and storytelling potential of the DC Universe.

To sum up, The Flash (2023) is a captivating exploration of themes like Flashpoint, time-travel, and the multiverse. Thanks to Christina Hodson’s thoughtful screenplay, the film manages to provide an engaging and emotionally resonant experience while also expanding the boundaries of the DC Universe.

Directing and Writing


In “The Flash” (2023), director Andy Muschietti showcases a confident and clear vision throughout the film. Even though the plot involved some complex and challenging concepts, such as time travel and multiple realities, I never felt lost or overwhelmed by the visuals and storytelling. The cinematography enhanced the film’s high-paced action sequences and its more dramatic, emotional moments.

Under Muschietti’s guidance, Ezra Miller delivered an outstanding performance as Barry Allen/The Flash, capturing the character’s nuances and emotional depth. Furthermore, supporting cast members, such as Michael Keaton’s Batman and Sasha Calle as Supergirl, gained prominence and depth in their roles, which added more layers to the story.


The screenplay was written by Christina Hodson, Joby Harold, and Geoff Johns, who did an excellent job weaving together multiple storylines. They incorporated elements from the iconic comic book storyline “Flashpoint” by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert, as well as breathing new life into the characters and situations.

In my opinion, the dialogue felt natural and flowed well, capturing the distinct personalities of each character. The balance between humor, emotional depth, and action-packed sequences gave the film the right mix of comic book entertainment and genuine character development.

While some aspects of the script could have been explored further or given more attention, the screenplay for “The Flash” succeeded in delivering an engrossing multiverse adventure. I believe that the collaboration between Hodson, Harold, and Johns was vital in providing a cohesive narrative that explored the different facets of our beloved characters.

Overall, the confident directing by Andy Muschietti and the knowledgeable writing by Christina Hodson, Joby Harold, and Geoff Johns created a neutral and clear cinematic experience that showcased the essence of The Flash and its unique contribution to the DC Extended Universe.

Visuals and Effects

When it comes to the visuals and effects of The Flash (2023), I noticed that the filmmakers took some daring choices. In particular, the CGI and visual effects play a significant role in bringing Barry Allen’s super-speed to life on the big screen. The Flash director defended their decision in an interview with Variety, emphasizing that the unique look of the character’s powers was intentional.

In watching the movie, I found the design and execution of the super-speed sequences to be quite creative. The use of slow motion and dynamic camera angles captured the essence of the character’s abilities while adding a sense of depth to the action. Additionally, the way the filmmakers integrated visual elements with the physical environment helped to immerse me in the story and drove home the impact of Barry’s powers.

As for the broader visual effects work in the film, I think the team did an admirable job in creating a believable and visually stunning world for The Flash to inhabit. The use of CGI was generally well-implemented, striking a balance between realism and comic book-inspired aesthetics.

Throughout The Flash, it’s clear that the visual effects crew paid attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of Barry’s powers, including lightning and after-images, were thoroughly developed and presented. This attention to detail, combined with the high-quality execution of CGI and visual effects, contributed to the engaging and visually impressive experience that the movie offered.

Comparisons and Influences


When watching The Flash, I couldn’t help but notice certain similarities and differences between it and Marvel’s superhero movies. While the film’s tone leaned more towards the humor and lightheartedness we’ve come to expect from Marvel productions, it maintained a unique identity within the superhero genre. Its approach to humor, for instance, was on par with the likes of James Gunn’s work on Guardians of the Galaxy, while still being firmly rooted in the DC universe.

DC Extended Universe

As a part of the DCEU, The Flash builds upon the established world of earlier films such as Aquaman, Birds of Prey, and other DC films. Director Andy Muschietti’s take on the Caped Crusader drew inspiration from the dark and brooding vision of Gotham envisioned by Tim Burton and further explored in the Dark Knight series. The film also introduces Kara Zor-El, a cousin of Superman, proving its strong ties to the larger DC universe.

In terms of stylistic influence, the visual effects and action sequences in The Flash appeared to be inspired by Zack Snyder’s distinct cinematic style. However, the film managed to strike a balance between darker themes and lighthearted moments, clearly influenced by its DCEU counterparts.

Other Superhero Movies

The Flash also seemed to draw inspiration from other popular superhero films. The multi-dimensional concept, for example, reminded me of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, while the ensemble cast’s dynamics were reminiscent of ensemble films like Guardians of the Galaxy or Suicide Squad.

It’s also worth noting that The Flash stands alongside other ambitious superhero films that have managed to find their own unique voice, combining elements from various sources while still retaining their core identity. This film holds its own as a strong entry in the growing list of ambitious and entertaining superhero stories, appealing to both new and old fans alike.

In conclusion, The Flash showcases various influences ranging from Marvel and DC’s cinematic universes to other superhero movies and comic book lore. The film successfully maintains its own unique voice and style within the genre, offering viewers a thrilling and enjoyable experience.

Emotional Impact


As I observed the film unfold, the tragic elements deeply moved me. The story of the Scarlet Speedster explores the themes of tragedy and loss, with the protagonist, Barry Allen, grappling with the pain of losing his mother. The emotional impact is strong, as it takes the audience on a journey through Barry’s trauma and the effects it’s had on him throughout his life. This makes me empathize with him, allowing for a powerful connection to the character’s emotional journey.


On the other hand, the film balances its darker moments with humor and levity. The Flash’s comic relief moments were well-timed, bringing a smile to my face even amidst the heavier narrative themes. The humorous elements had an excellent impact on the overall tone, with Ezra Miller’s performance striking the perfect balance between the Scarlet Speedster’s wit and vulnerability. In doing so, the humor subverts my expectations and provides a refreshing contrast to the tragic nature of the story. This dual focus is a reminder that even with hardship, there can also be lightness and joy.

Easter Eggs and Connections

In The Flash 2023 movie, there are numerous Easter eggs and connections to the larger DC universe. I was pleasantly surprised to notice several nods to popular comic books, other DC movies, and the history of the character.

One connection that grabbed my attention was the clear homage to Frank Miller’s iconic comic, “The Dark Knight Returns.” In a particular scene, The Flash is fighting against a gang in Gotham City, showcasing the dark and gritty vibe that Frank Miller’s work is known for. As a fan of comics, I found this reference to be quite satisfying.

Another Easter egg I discovered in the film is the appearance of Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth. Jeremy Irons beautifully portrays the loyal and wise butler of Bruce Wayne, providing an interesting connection to the DC Extended Universe. His presence in the movie adds depth to the story and serves as a reminder of the larger universe these characters inhabit.

The Flash also features a plethora of other references and Easter eggs related to the mythology of the Scarlet Speedster. There are nods to the various comic book runs that have influenced the character’s history and legacy, such as a brief glimpse of the classic Flash costume from the Silver Age of comics, and subtle hints towards his extensive rogues’ gallery.

In this movie, Easter eggs referencing Gotham City are abundant. Not only does The Flash fight a gang in the city, but there’s also a scene where we see a newspaper headline mentioning a recent crime wave. This evokes Batman’s connection to the city and its ongoing battle against crime.

To sum it up, The Flash 2023 movie is filled with exciting Easter eggs and connections to the larger DC universe, which I found to be a real treat for any fan. Especially, the references to Gotham and Frank Miller’s work, as well as Jeremy Irons’ portrayal of Alfred, make the movie an enjoyable experience that ties into the rich history of these beloved characters.

Reception and Audience Response

I found The Flash (2023) to be an enjoyable film with a mix of both praise and critique from various sources. The movie’s digital FX work impressed many, and its storyline was considered thoughtful, paying homage to the Zack Snyder era of DC. However, it also faced some criticism for being simultaneously clueless and pandering, as well as growing overwrought by its conclusion.

As an efficient film, The Flash managed to cover a lot of ground, exploring the themes of alternate realities and iconic comic book characters. The movie is loosely based on the seminal Flashpoint comic book run, which brought a fresh and unique perspective to the story. This approach garnered some admiration for its ingenuity, with some even calling it ‘one of the best superhero movies ever’.

Regarding the leading man, Ezra Miller’s portrayal of The Flash showcased his acting capabilities, especially in portraying a high anxiety character. His performance effectively conveyed the internal struggles of his superhero role in a bender of high anxiety. However, some viewers felt Miller’s performance was inconsistent and ultimately overshadowed by the supporting cast, including Michael Keaton’s Batman.


I found The Flash (2023) to be a refreshing take on the superhero genre, incorporating elements of slapstick comedy, family drama, and science fiction in an appealing blend. The nicely irreverent film was enjoyable to watch in theaters, and its big-budget production definitely contributed to the overall cinematic experience.

The film features Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash and also sees the return of Michael Keaton in the DC universe. The Flash’s unpredictable mix of genres kept me engaged throughout and offered a fresh experience in comparison to previous superhero movies I’ve seen.

The science fiction component of the film was very intriguing to me, and introduced thought-provoking elements to the storyline without dominating the overall theme. This gave the film an extraordinary quality that I appreciated, as it went beyond typical superhero tropes.

In my opinion, The Flash managed to strike a perfect balance between action, heart, and humor, making it an entertaining movie to watch. While it is not without its flaws, the film successfully delivers on the promise of a big-budget superhero film that can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

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