The Final Girls Movie Review

The Final Girls is a 2017 American comedy horror film directed by Jake Paltrow and written by Katie Dippold. The film stars Nina Dobrev, Taissa Farmiga, and many more in supporting roles.

The Final Girls Movie Review

The final girl’s movie reviews are here! We have seen this movie twice now, and we are going to give you our thoughts on what happened at the end of the movie. 

This is not an easy task because there were so many things that could happen at the end of the movie. So let’s get started!

What’s The Storyline Of The Final Girls?

The Final Girls is based on a story called Bloodbath based in the 80s where the girls get transported to another time.

In 1985, Amanda Cartwright was driving down a lonely road when she got lost. She pulled over and called out for help. A man named Bill came along and took her to his cabin, where he raped her and strangled her to death.

Then he burned her body in his fireplace.

Three years later, Max Cartwright, now 17, goes camping with her three best girlfriends, Gertie, Chris, and Vicki. While sleeping in her tent, Max hears someone screaming outside.

She gets up and sees a fire burning near the woods. As she approaches it, she finds a dead woman inside. Her name is Amanda.

Max calls 911 and tells them about what happened. They come and find another dead girl nearby. Her name is also Amanda. But she doesn’t look like the first one at all…

Meanwhile, Max’s mother, Amanda Cartwright, is auditioning for a role in a movie. Unfortunately, the director wants her to play a character named “Nancy.”

Amanda refuses because she thinks that people won’t recognize her as the real Amanda Cartwright. So the director gives her the part anyway.

On Halloween night, Max meets up with her friends Gertrude, Chris, and Vickie. They go to see a double-feature horror flick at a local theater. Afterward, they decide to head back to Gertie’s house. 

When they arrive, they notice that something weird is happening. Their car breaks down. And strange things start happening inside the house.

Someone starts breaking into Gertie’s room. Chris locks himself in the bathroom. And Gertie’s brother Duncan tries to convince Max to watch some scary movies with him.

When Max finally leaves, she notices that her car is gone. So she takes a taxi home. Once she arrives, she realizes that her mom isn’t home. She looks around the house and finds a note saying that her mom went camping. Max decides to wait for her at the old campsite.

And if you want to find out what happens after, you’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

What Was The Film Inspired By?

The story behind Camp Bloodbath begins with the death of actor/director Tobe Hooper, whose final project was a horror flick called The Funhouse.

After his untimely passing, Hooper’s wife, producer Carolco Pictures co-founder Cybill Shepherd, took over production duties on the film, hiring director Wes Craven to helm it.

She wanted to make sure the film was completed and ready for release. But she had no idea how difficult it would be to finish.

When Shepherd began shooting the film, she had a budget of $1 million, but the studio kept raising the amount. Eventually, they raised the budget to $2 million, and still, there was never enough money. Finally, she mortgaged her home to raise another $3 million.

Shepherd says that while filming, the cast and crew became increasingly frustrated with the lack of funds. One day, during a break in filming, someone suggested they cut out the middleman and shoot the entire thing themselves. 

With a little help from some friends, they did just that. They filmed the entire movie without a single take being done by professional actors.

But now, three decades later, the film is finally getting a proper theatrical release. And it’s been completely remastered, too. And now it’s being inspired to make films like The Final Girls!

What Parents May Need To Know About This Movie

What Parents May Need To Know About This Movie

The film follows four friends who are trapped in a house full of murderous maniacs. They’re forced to fight off the killers while trying to figure out what happened to them.

Parents need to know that The final girl is a comical spoof movie that features four college students stuck in a house full of murderers. There are several violent scenes, including one where a character gets stabbed multiple times with a machete.

Some sexual innuendos are used, such as references to “sex” and “virginity,” and there is language like “bitch,” “crap,” “damn,” “hell,” “puke,” “shitty,” “dude,” “wtf,” “mofo,” “bullshit,” “asshole,” and “I’ll kill you.”

There are brief shots of nudity, including breasts and buttocks, and there is strong language throughout the film. Alcohol use includes beer and vodka.

 Characters take the prescription ADHD medication Adderall, and the effects are discussed. This is rated R for intense bloody violence throughout, pervasive language and sexuality, and brief nudity.

Final Thoughts

This is an entertaining and fun film about four friends who get trapped in a house full of psychopathic killers. It’s not scary, but it has plenty of laughs. If your kids enjoy this type of comedy, then they will probably love it.

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