Bullet To The Head Movie Review

Do you want to find an action-packed film to watch with a big bowl of popcorn and a bottle of beer? Bullet to the Head may be the ideal movie for you. But what is this film like?

Bullet To The Head Movie Review

Bullet to the Head is an action film that was released in 2012. Directed by action movie director Walter Hill, this movie used a screenplay by Alessandro Camon that adapts a French graphic novel titled Du plomb dans la tête.

The film stars action hero Sylvester Stallone as Jimmy Bobo, a hitman who ends up working with Detective Taylor Kwon, played by Sung Kang.

This unlikely duo works together to defeat a deceitful businessman (portrayed by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) following an assimilation attempt from a hitman (Jason Momoa). The movie also includes Sarah Shahi, Jon Seda, and Christian Slater.

This movie did poorly at the box office and is considered a box office bomb. Not to mention, it garnered mixed reviews. Here’s what we thought about the film.

Our Review

The Good

The dynamic between Stallone’s Bobo and Kang’s Kwon is pure dynamite. This odd couple has tons of chemistry and charisma. Stallone feels like a wizened teacher who is contrasted brilliantly by Kang.

Nobody could deny that this film is fast-paced and contains decent action. This includes an astonishing axe fight between Stallone and Momoa that is tense and incredibly well-choreographed.

This film is packed with punches, kicks, and bullets. So if you are a fan of action movies, Bullet to the Head is perfect for you.

The cast also delivers solid performances. Though Stallone is far from at the top of his game, he is still a strong leading man that audiences can easily get behind. He also has some humorous moments that land particularly well. 

Kang is fantastic in this film. He plays quite a thankless role that Kang is able to make more interesting. Momoa is also a great addition to the film, providing a ruthless and intimidating antagonist.

Sure, none of the cast delivers Oscar-winning performances, yet they are charismatic enough to inject Bullet to the Head with some much-needed life and energy.

The Bad

Everything about Bullet to the Head is incredibly dated. The film is stuck in an action film from the ‘80s. While this may be good news for some viewers, it holds the film back.

This is because it cannot move beyond the confines of the ‘80s action movie and adds nothing new to the mix.

Among the tired action cliches is Stallone’s deceased partner, who provides the protagonist with motivation to defeat the big bad. In fact, the film repeats this cliche, with this also being the main motivation for Kang’s character.

The film is even shot like a dated action movie, with Hill using dim lighting that makes the film feel incredibly moody. 

Perhaps if the film had tried to blend this ‘80s homage with some aspects of modern action films, it wouldn’t feel so outdated. Unfortunately, no such attempt is made to transform this into a film suitable for modern audiences. 

Though one cannot deny that the film is overflowing with action, the movie becomes tiresome when it tries to have character moments or any form of meaningful plot.

Hill simply leaves no time to develop the characters or the narrative, resulting in a film that has little substance beyond its action.

If anything, it feels as though the plot is there to simply provide a break in between all of the excessive shooting.

The female characters are particularly weak in this film. The only female character with a large role is Lisa Bonomo, who is played by Sarah Shahi. Lisa is an underwritten role with very little character.

As one can excerpt from an action film, Lisa ends up getting kidnapped.

Should You Watch Bullet To The Head?

If you love the action genre, you will likely enjoy Bullet to the Head. It’s full of amazing action. So if you’re searching for something that you don’t have to think too much about when watching, Bullet to the Head might be the perfect film.

On the other hand, if you want something with more nuance and a strong plot, it is perhaps best that you refrain from watching this film. It’s unapologetically lowbrow, which might not be for everyone.

In fact, it may feel as though you’ve taken a bullet to the head.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this film is carried by the charisma of its cast. Bullet to the Head offers lots of actions but nothing of any real substance when it comes to the plot, direction, or writing.

Yet, the film is a great form of escapism that can transport you to an exhilarating and adrenaline-fueled world.

We give Bullet to the Head 2 out of 5 stars.

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Max Roberts