Katy Perry Part Of Me Movie Review

Over the years, the “concert biographical” movie genre is one that seems to be growing more and more in popularity.

Katy Perry Part Of Me Movie Review

From Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never all the way to JLo’s recent Halftime – these informal, documentary style movies offer fans a backstage pass into the lives of their favorite singers – but does Katy Perry’s Part of Me make the cut? Let’s explore.

Part of Me is a concert movie that was initially released in 2012, right in the middle of Katy Perry’s prime.

Singles such as “Wide Awake”, “California Girls” and “Part of Me” (hence the name of the movie) were played on radio stations all over the world – so it made sense to create a movie to springboard off the back of Katy’s immense popularity. 

Striking the balance perfectly between concert movie and tour documentary, Part of Me takes place in 2011 during the time in which Perry was preparing to embark on one of the biggest tours of her career thus far as her sophomore album “Teenage Dream” was dominating both the charts and cultural zeitgeist. 

To those who aren’t overly familiar with Perry’s life, her career might seem to be one that seemingly happened overnight.

However, Part of Me helps to peel back the layers of Perry’s personal life to reveal her dedication to make it to the top, as well as provide insight into her upbringing and personal struggles, all while including fun performances, screaming fans and cute impromptu moments for decoration.

Sure, even though Part of Me might not necessarily go into great detail of Perry’s personal life and history, the movie does provide an intimate rise to fame montage that includes a variety of never seen moments of the star, as well as endearing “behind the scenes” moments that Katy Cats and new fans alike can all enjoy.

In particular, the vintage, never before seen footage is particularly charming to watch, and includes a younger Perry sharing shocking confessions as well as footage of old music videos that were made before Katy Perry’s rise to fame. 

As for the main event? Viewers are sure to be delighted by the exclusive footage shared of the 2011 tour, offering both old and new fans a chance to see close up visuals of the colorful, fun and tongue in cheek concert Perry became infamous for.

This is especially true given the fact that this movie was also released in 3D in theaters during its rollout back in 2012.

Interspersed within the footage of the vibrant and rainbow-colored concert of Perry’s Part of Me tour, viewers are treated to show stopping, powerhouse performances from Perry herself, including fan favorites such as “I Kissed a Girl”, “California Gurls”, “Waking Up in Vegas” and much more.

If one thing’s for sure – viewers can expect to be dancing in their seats while watching this celebration of Perry’s career! 

Of course, the movie isn’t just about displaying how fun and raucous Perry’s shows can get. Some of the most memorable and endearing moments of Part of Me comes from intimate and silly moments shared by Perry herself.

In one scene, Perry gives her adorable, “hard to impress” grandmother a jacket from her tour (if you’ve already seen this movie, we’re sure that you’ll agree that Katy’s grandma nearly steals the show!) while in another scene, Perry shares how close she feels to all of her fans. 

Shattering the fairytale storyline that so many seem to believe Perry lives in, we see many scenes where Katy shares an insight into the realities of fame and the touring lifestyle.

From feeling exhausted at the end of a show or mustering up the energy to go and meet all of her adoring fans – Part of Me is no stranger to honesty. 

Ultimately, Part of Me is not just a celebration of Katy Perry’s success, achievements and career so far – it is also a celebration of the underdog.

Just like the name of her sophomore album, Part of Me depicts the story of a girl who never gave up on her teenage dream, all while displaying the color, fun and energy that so many of us fell in love with her and her music for.

Not to mention, all the way throughout the movie Katy Perry often shares how she is the “CEO” of her life, and if that’s anything to go by – we think that we’ll be seeing Perry for many more years to come.

All in all? While these types of concert/biographical movies can often be hit and miss – Part of Me strikes the balance just right.

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Max Roberts